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PS Outreach and Education Grants for 2014

The Paleontological Society works to increase the public's awareness and understanding of paleontology by enhancing formal and informal educational opportunities. The Paleontological Society Outreach and Education Grant provides support to our members for programs and activities involving educational outreach and community engagement. Read more...

PS Outreach and Education Grant Awardees for 2013

To further its mission of promoting the science of paleontology, the Paleontological Society has committed resources to provide support to our members for community engagement and educational outreach. These activities are critical to capturing the imaginations of children and encouraging support for our field among the public.

The Paleontological Society is pleased to announce the 2013 recipients of PS Outreach and Education Grants:

Michael Gibson
(University of Tennessee-Martin)
 “Something Is Missing Here: A Teacher Field Camp in Fossils and Taphonomy”
In this field-based short course, science teachers conduct analyses of the taphonomy of the Cretaceous Coon Creek Lagerstätte, and design inquiry-based lessons for their own classrooms.

Elizabeth Hadley
(Stanford University)
 “Conserving and Understanding a Mammalian "Living Fossil", Solenodon paradoxus, through Paleontological Outreach in the Dominican Republic”
Through a museum exhibit at the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural in Santo Domingo, and bilingual children’s book and online educational materials, this project will use the story of the living fossil Solenodon to explore the geological and paleontological history of the Caribbean.

Matthew Powell
(Juniata College)
 “Evolution of You: An Illustrated Children's Book about Evolution”
This illustrated electronic book for young children will show them where they fit in the tree of life by describing their evolutionary heritage, from the present back to the earliest life on Earth.

Greg Wilson
(University of Washington)
“The Discoveries in Geosciences (DIG) Field School for Teachers”
This summer field school gives rural Montana and Pacific Northwest teachers a chance to learn more about the dinosaur-rich strata in their backyards, and also provides curricular materials for their students to engage in scientific inquiry.

Each awardee receives $2,500 to carry out their educational outreach activities.

Please consider applying for the 2014 Outreach and Education Grant Program in the spring!

PS Education and Outreach Coordinator

Dr. Peg Yacobucci
Associate Professor of Geology
Bowling Green State University