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PS Special Publication 18
Reconstructing Earth's Deep-Time Climate
The State of the Art in 2012


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Supplemental Files

Paul N. Pearson

Oxygen Isotopes in Foraminifera: Overview and Historical Review

Figures 15 and 11


Ethan L. Grossman

Applying Oxygen Isotope Paleothermometry in Deep Time


Kenneth G. MacLeod

Conodonts and the Paleoclimatological and Paleoecological Applications of Phosphate δ18O Measurements


Tim K. Lowenstein and Bärbel Hönisch

The Use of Mg/Ca as a Seawater Temperature Proxy


Hagit P. Affek

Clumped Isotope Paleothermometry: Principles, Applications, and Challenges

Figures 1 and 4

Jessica E. Tierney

GDGT Thermometry: Lipid Tools for Reconstructing Paleotemperatures


Linda C. Ivany

Reconstructing Paleoseasonality from Accretionary Skeletal Carbonates—Challenges and Opportunities


Benjamin H. Passey

Reconstructing Terrestrial Environments Using Stable Isotopes in Fossil Teeth and Paleosol Carbonates


Dana L. Royer

Climate Reconstruction from Leaf Size and Shape: New Developments and Challenges


Matthew Huber

Progress in Greenhouse Climate Modeling


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