The Paleontological Society

Photo courtesy of the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History

Paleontological Society Student Research Grants Awarded in 2009

Name Institution Project Title
Deptola, Travis Juniata College Metabolic Rate Scaling of the Trilobite Phacops rana
Lagomarcino, Anne University of Cincinnati The relationship between genus richness and geographic area in Late Cretaceous marine biotas: A comparison between epicontinental-sea and open-ocean settings
Webb, Amelinda Yale University Measuring the ecological impact of the Ordovician mass extinction
Lord, Edwin University of Georgia Long-Lost Stromatoporoids: Carboniferous Reef in Northwest Georgia yields Unique Biodiversity
Schmerge, Josh University of Kansas A statistical examination of the change in body size of mammalian communities across the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary near Douglas, WY, USA
Stafford, Emily University of Alberta Estimating Crushing Predation from Damage Frequency in Fossil Gastropods
Calede, Jonathan University of Oregon Determining the diets of fossorial rodents of the Oligo-Miocene of central and eastern Oregon.
Zaffos, Andrew University of Georgia Biological Rarity and Extinction across the Ordovican-Silurian boundary.
Parks, Hillary Western Illinois University Sticking Our Necks Out: Anatomy of the First Cervical Vertebra and Implications for Inferring Posture in Fossil Primates
Wan, Zhenzhu University of Cincinnati Stomatal Parameters of Early Devonian-Early Carboniferous Land Plants as a Record of Atmospheric CO2 Variation
Danehy, Daniel Southern Methodist University Terrestrial vegetation reconstructions spanning the Paleogene - Neogene boundary in the Ethiopian highlands
Redman, Cory Texas A&M Sampling microvertebrate assemblages of the Straight Cliffs Formation (Coniacian) on the Paunsaugunt and Kaiparowits Plateaus to assess the influence of sea-level change on Late Cretaceous nonmarine paleocommunity structure in southern Utah
Guthrie, Emily University of Oregon Paleobiology of Theropithecus brumpti (Primates: Cercopithecoidea) from the Turkana Basin, Kenya and Ethiopia
Platt, Brian University of Kansas Correlating climate change and biotic turnover in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation
Sappenfield, Aaron University of California, Riverside Ediacaran tubular fossils across the Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary: Significance of Taphonomy and Sedimentology
Pardo, Jason University of Illinois Macroevolutionary consequences of trophic specialization in Paleozoic tetrapod diversification
Smith, Martin University of Toronto Onychophoran visual pigments and the origin of arthropod vision
Casey, Michelle Yale University Past and Present Trophic Interactions in Long Island Sound: The Effects of Eutrophication on the Food Web and Predator-Prey Interactions of Mollusks
Gardner, Eleanor University of Georgia Linking micro- and macro-level taphonomic alteration in avian bones as a function of sex and age
Anderson, Evan Virginia Tech The Microchemistry and Ultrastructure of Chuaria: Implications for the Taphonomy of Carbonaceous Compressions
House, Aaron University of Cincinnati A taphonomic comparison of the Middle and Late Ordovician molluscan Shell beds: Developing a mechanism of aragonite preservation in calcite seas.
Oseguera, Joanna University of California, Riverside Lacustrine Gastropods in Plio-Pliestocene Waucobi Lake Beds as a proxy for Paleosalinities, Eastern Sierra Nevada, CA
Martindale, Rowan University of Southern California Paleoecology of Upper Triassic Reefs and Implications for the End-Triassic Mass Extinction
Brady, Mara University of Chicago Comparing the temporal and spatial resolution of skeletal concentrations in Devonian carbonate deposits from cratonic vs. continental margin settings
McKenzie, Neil University of California, Riverside Biostratigraphy of the Inner Lesser Himalayan sedimentary belt
Slattery, Joshua University of South Florida Faunal Responses to Late Cretaceous (early Maastrichtian) Ocean/Climate Change in the Western Interior Seaway
Altin, Deniz University of Georgia The total evidence approach for phylogenetic reconstruction of selected Allogromiid Foraminifera from coastal Georgia, USA.
Sallan, Lauren University of Chicago The Impact of the Late Devonian Extinction Crisis on Vertebrate Biodiversity