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Evolution is both a scientific fact and a scientific theory. More information.


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Stratigraphic Paleontology Field Course
July 7-20, 2014. Montana, USA

NESCent Academy: Paleobiological and phylogenetic approaches to macroevolution
July 22-29. Durham, NC, USA

Fourth International Paleontological Congree (IPC4)
September 28-October 3, 2014. Mendoza, Argentina

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STEPPE is a new consortium to champion support for sedimentary geology research and education, and to facilitate development of integrated, multidisciplinary projects. Visit the STEPPE website.

Earlier integrated projects: DETELON TRANSITIONS

Conservation Paleobiology

Conservation Paleobiology ReportHumans are now a major force in altering the Earth and its biota—we live in the Anthropocene. Current challenges include finding ways to mitigate human impacts on biodiversity, and developing means to sustain and restore the ecosystem services on which we depend. Conservation Paleobiology, the application of geohistorical records to the conservation and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem services, can lead this effort. Read the NSF Workshop Report!


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PaleoPortalThe Paleontology Portal

The Paleontology Portal includes a wide range of educational resources, including information on famous fossil localities, a gallery of photographs of fossils, information on paleontology careers, and interviews with paleontologists.

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Mammoth new discovery in the latest issue of Journal of Paleontology. Read more.

Get the latest issue of Priscum, Summer 2014. Read more.

The FOSSIL Project aims to enhance communication between fossil club members and professional paleontologists, provide opportunities for training and development, enable attendance at conferences and workshops, encourage digitization of fossil collections and foster participation in K-12 outreach. More information

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See President Carlson's letter to the US Forest Service regarding the Paleontological Resources Preservation Act (PRPA).

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